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Is sosoangry making any calls on Super Bowl this year?

rookrook Senior Member

I think he has a really good record at calling SuperBowls. But alas, he appears to have abandoned Betting Talk..


  • trofoostrofoos Junior Member

    nice idea

  • trofoostrofoos Junior Member

    Are you an experienced player? What about betting? I am interested in sports betting most of all. But I am rather a beginner and I am a bit confused by a variety of apps available on the market. What can you recommend from your own experience? Currently, I am looking at If you used it, let me know your feedback.

  • rookrook Senior Member

    Wow I guess I really don’t visit here very often! Today is probably my first day back since the SuperBowl! Trofos I don’t use an app per se, but I sign onto Bookmaker to place bets. My bets are usually limited to NBA, so I was looking for insight from sosoangry. Actually the reason I came back today was to see if jets96 is posting baseball picks any more, as I am going to Vegas soon…

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