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Guidelines for recordkeeping (revised 3/29/18)

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Updated 3/29/2018 (Included BetOnline as an acceptable book to use for lines)
Updated 4/02/2018 (Baseball plays can now be to win a unit on favorites and dogs)

Recordkeeping Guidelines:

If you are going to be posting picks on a weekly basis, and either keeping a record or having one kept for you, please obey the following guidelines.


1. Use lines available at either Pinnacle, BetOnline, or Bookmaker* AT THE TIME OF YOUR POST. If you got a better line earlier but could not post it, either use the current line or pass on posting that game.

2. Keep a running record of ALL YOUR PLAYS, including ALL SPORTS, and all TYPES (halftimes, totals, sides, etc) updated daily if possible, but weekly at the very least. Please include both W-L and units in your record. Records for different leagues should be kept separately.

3. You cannot undo a pick. If you change your mind, it still counts as part of your W-L record. However, you may pick the other side and eat the vig.

4. All football and basketball picks must be at -110*. No money lines. No buying points.
*An exception would be when a game is shaded around a key number like 3 or 7. In that case, please make sure to include the proper juice.

5. All picks must be unweighted. This means you cannot risk more than 1 unit on a standard -110 play. A typical wager at -110 would be recorded as risking 1.1u to win 1u. As of 4/1/18 you can do all baseball wagers to win a unit (dogs and favs). So a +150 side would be risking .67 to win 1.0 unit. Please be sure to clearly designate that you will be recordkeeping this way beforehand.

6. Do not pick the same team more than once for the same game. For example, if you pick a team at -14 and then the line drops to -12 making you like your side even more, you cannot treat your side -12 as another pick. Similarly, you cannot play the same side or total for both the game and 1H. Correlated bets will keep your record from being truly unweighted.

7. Please do not include exotic bets like teasers, parlays, or props in your record. Feel free to share those picks, but keep a separate record of them.

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