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Welcome! We are a growing community of sports bettors ranging from beginner all the way to pros at the highest levels of the industry.

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Sports betting advice, analysis and discussion.


Prop bets and futures bets


Models, scraping, programming, automation, datasets, etc.


Esports, sims (Madden, NBA 2K, etc.) and any other topic related to virtual sports.


Share best bets that are still available in market. Brief write-up or reasoning encouraged.


Discuss MLB, KBO, etc.


Discuss golf betting, matchups, tournaments, etc.


Discuss hockey betting, etc.


Discuss international soccer, MLS, etc.


Discuss boxing, UFC betting, events, etc.


Discuss horse racing, betting, etc.


Stock market news, discussion and advice.


Share and receive recommendations for anything. Literally, anything.


New to Slack? New to sports betting? Don't be afraid to ask any type of question here.


Political news, election outlooks, politics betting, polls, forecasts, etc.


Discussion of the ongoing global pandemic.


Discuss anything, including news, hobbies, etc.


Important announcements/updates from the RAS team.