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is this web site dead?

trying to figure out how to login.... it's been months since I last tried (i'm football only)


  • BuckyBadgerBuckyBadger Senior Member

    Not yet….but it’s on life support.

  • StackAttackStackAttack Senior Member

    sadly. been on life support for awhile , which is a friggin shame.

  • RonbetsRonbets Senior Member

    Not yet, but American dignity is dead.

  • RonbetsRonbets Senior Member

    We lose 13 military kids and I'm supposed to believe that a US led drone attack killed a "planner". More fucken BS. They mighta killed a straggler climbing up a mountain. I'd settle for the Speaker of the House to take over this country. Very possible if they deem Biden unable to continue due to dementia. That's the only way NP gets in.

  • GamebredGamebred Junior Member

    Why is RAS Slack Chat thriving and this site dying? Has anyone been to RAS Slack chat?

    It is nearly impossible to navigate, you can't look up the past posts of interesting posters on their, I can't find any semblance of a thread or directly reply to a certain poster, etc...

    Perhaps I'm behind the times but this forum seems 100 times easier to communicate on which begs the question, what's the fascination w/ RAS Slack?.

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