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From a betting perspective what do you guys make of these duplicate games? Today (Mon 12-28) there 16 CBB games. 10 of them are the exact same teams in the exact same locations as yesterday. In the past I've often be a proponent of betting opposite the results of former match-ups in the second game between two teams, but that's been when there was a time gap of days, weeks, or even months of the original play date. So far this year these repeat games seem to be going the same way as the day before. Anyway, what do you think?


  • StackAttackStackAttack Senior Member

    I dont bet CBB anymore but I would lean towards team who lost the day before. Line of course would play a role .

  • BuckyBadgerBuckyBadger Senior Member

    Are you talking ATS opposite, or straight up opposite, or both? What about o/u? Traditionally I would go ATS opposite. No definitive prior method on the O/Us. But with these games occurring on back to back days and in the same locations, I'm not sure. I guess I would tend to go ATS with the same results as the game before and probably with the O/U also.

  • StackAttackStackAttack Senior Member

    ATS on the team who lost the day before

  • BuckyBadgerBuckyBadger Senior Member

    Update on these games. Of the 10 games, 7 ATS winners were the same as yesterday. As far as the over/unders, 4 games went the same as yesterday and 6 games went opposite. PS one of the 4 that went the same as the day before was an OT game that otherwise would have been an opposite.

  • If a favorite loses straight up in game 1, would lean the favorite in the second game. If a favorite wins game 1 straight up, unlikely to play game 2 unless the favorite won by a big margin factoring the line, then I might lean the dog in Game 2, unless there is an obvious explanation for the blowout which won’t change for game 2, like injuries or Covid.

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