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How do you calculate CLV for moneylines?


  • GabrielBlareGabrielBlare Junior Member

    Why are you calculating it? I'd advise you to not waste your time. If your point here is that you want to beat the market by just getting a better line than the closing line in every game, you are going to need to hit that at least 80% of the time to turn profit, in which case, the calculation itself becomes useless as it adds no further information about your bets than what you already know. If you intend to beat the closing lines instead, then you would eventually start moving the lines with your bets, and again the calculation would be pointless as it would always turn out positive. Thinking you are "on the right path" just because your CLV is positive is not logical. For one thing, the way CLV works is as an average of the entire market, so it will tend to give you random/false results if you are not betting most to all of the games in the season. Besides, in a field of competition, the last thing you want to do is to try to copy the people you are competing against. Here more information -

    Just my 2 cents, but to answer your question: You will have to use the odds at which you took the spreads and the odds at which those same spreads closed. For example: you took -5 at -105, and -5 closed at -125.

    You can bet online without calculating anything. One of the biggest motivations for playing real money slots online is the possibility of cashing out and winning real cash just by pressing some buttons. Slots for real money are available in a different jurisdiction with different regulations, but the games themselves all work alike. Players can win real money in slots by depositing and setting bets in different ranges . In most slot machines, landing 3 or more matching symbols on the reels from left to right gives you a payout. Gamers have to bet on all active paylines to increase their chances to win in real money games. 

  • danshandanshan Senior Member

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