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The Direction of BettingTalk

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The Direction of BettingTalk

BettingTalk has undergone some changes in the past few months with the hopes of making the forum content sharper, while still appealing to both recreational and serious bettors alike. Hopefully the following topics will help posters understand the direction in which BT is headed.


For pick records to be meaningful there must be rules governing them. This is why the record keeping guidelines were established. While some may disagree with these standards, or find them too difficult to comply with, they will help ensure that the records of BT posters are accurate and comparable, setting BT apart from most other sports betting forums. This benefits both the poster and the follower.

The Math of Sports Betting

An increased focus on the math behind sports betting will be strongly encouraged. Handicapping how two teams match up is one thing, but knowing when to buy points, when to play teasers, whether or not you should play the first half line, or how to determine bet sizes is another. Sharp sports bettors know how to bet, not just handicap, and the former is just as important as the latter.

Removal of the Service Play Thread

This was another move towards becoming a sharper forum. Winning bettors don’t care what touts have given out because 99% of them do not win. Those looking for information from the few services who do win are best off getting it straight from the source. The service play thread took up considerable bandwith and did not promote quality main forum discussions.

Dealing with Disruptive and/or Dishonest Posters

Posters who are disruptive, misrepresent their records, and/or engage in any other behavior that the management of BT feels is detrimental to the site will now be dealt with in a stronger fashion. It’s perfectly acceptable to disagree with parts of the site’s new direction, but the site rules and moderators must be respected at all times.

Overall Content

BT is not looking to turn into a boring, purely serious, strictly moderated forum. Posters should feel free to continue posting whatever they want (within reason) as long as they adhere to any applicable guidelines. The new direction merely seeks to increase the amount of serious discussion, decrease the disruptive and potentially harmful content, and give BT a sharper slant. These changes will hopefully help all posters, both serious and recreational, be more successful in their wagering.
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