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2013 RAS College Football - Second Half Thread

RightAngleRightAngle Admin
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Myself or someone from the RAS team will be posting College Football second half plays in this thread for at least the first 8 weeks of the season.

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The same plays will also be sent out via Twitter at
(Twitter followers can set up updates via text message)

CFB 2h play record since starting these threads 2009-2012: 31-30

Note: Please do not post in this thread. Questions/comments should be posted in the main forum.

Good luck,



08/31/13: 165 No Ill/Iowa over 27.5 - LOSS
08/31/13: 173 UAB/Troy Over 30.5 - WIN
09/07/13: 315 Houston -1 - WIN
09/07/13: 365 Notre Dame/Michigan over 25 - WIN
09/14/13: 112 EMU/Rutgers under 24.5 - WIN
09/28/13: 182 Western Ky +1 - WIN
10/12/13: 178 Ark State -13


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