DFS News

Search giant Yahoo to begin offering Daily Fantasy games as early as this summer

On an earnings call Monday, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced that the company will begin offering a "unique" DFS product that could compete with FanDuel and DraftKings.  More

DFS Strategy

Best chance at Daily Fantasy Success: Playing at one site or several?

Is it better to play on multiple DFS sites, taking advantage of bonuses, or is it better to stick with one DFS site and master it? David Gonos explains in his debut article for BT.  More


NBA Betting: William Guo writes one of the best sports betting articles you’ll read all year

William Guo answers questions like, "How are NBA lines made?", "How do NBA lines move?" and "How do winning gamblers make money?" while also touching on topics like wisdom of crowds, efficient markets, profitability, and on and on.  More

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College basketball

Still worth betting on Kentucky to go 40-0?

Believe it or not, Kentucky's odds of completing a perfect 40-0 season were 50-to-1 back at the start of the season. Now? Well, they've moved. And one Las Vegas book has taken bet after bet after bet on "Yes."  More

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Super Bowl

The Pick Heard Round Las Vegas: Super Bowl XLIX finish excites public, silences bookmakers

One bookmaker told Betting Talk that Malcolm Butler's last-second interception resulted in “a seven-figure swing” at his shop. "We ended up the tiniest of winners," he said, "but it felt like a loss."  More

Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLIX: Patriots are public darlings

Most of the tickets so far for Super Bowl 49 have been written on the Patriots (pk or -1), but there hasn’t been significant line movement as a result. And as far as betting limits go, this is about the only time you can say that ... there really aren’t any.  More

Oregon Ducks
CFB Playoff

College Football Playoff: Finding Value in Championship Game Line

Which direction will the point spread go before Monday's championship game between Ohio State and Oregon? A couple bookmakers offered us their thoughts.  More

NFL Playoffs

Will late sharp action affect Wild Card lines?

Jay Kornegay knows which two teams will be the public's last-second favorites on Wild Card weekend, but will sharp action be enough to prevent any significant line moves?  More

Urban Meyer
College football

Bowl Season 2014: Ohio State, 10 opening underdogs, and the B1G question

Is the Big Ten overrated in bowl season? The numbers from the past decade might surprise you.  More

Ohio State
College Football

William Hill bookmaker on playoff point spreads: ‘I think both numbers are inflated’

The inaugural College Football Playoff is still two weeks away, but excitement continues to build as we all wait for the two semifinal games to arrive: No. 1 Alabama vs. No. 4 Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl, and No. 2 Oregon vs. No. 3 Florida State in the Rose Bowl.  More