Which sites are offering Daily Fantasy college football this fall? Here’s the updated list

The big four North American leagues—NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL—continue to dominate daily fantasy offerings. But as the sector grows, so do the contest options.

PGA, NASCAR and MMA have shown up on several sites in the past year, and users can expect to find college football and college hoops on more sites this fall.

Here’s a quick list of the sites we’ve found that will be offering college football this season, along with an overview of some common roster configuration and scoring variations.

UnderdogOpening LineFavorites
Illinois6.5Louisiana Tech
Rutgers3.5North Carolina
Penn State2.5Boston College
Michigan State2.5Baylor
Ohio State9Alabama

*Not listed here are Victiv and FantasyHub. Victiv says that it plans to have a college football game ready for the coming seasons, but hasn’t yet settled on game specifics. FantasyHub has said it may have college football contests this fall, but isn’t yet ready to guarantee that.

They might be subtle on the surface, but the variations offered here could be a big reason users choose one site over another. Don’t wanna rely on luck-driven kicker points? Not an issue. Want a site that uses a traditional, season-long roster configuration? You’ve got choices there, too. We only touched on PPR in the table, but there are myriad scoring systems available as well.

The season kicks off in six weeks. If you’re planning to play, now’s a good time to start checking out the sites and seeing which one appeals to you.