Reno-based Atlantis becomes first sportsbook to release MLB regular season win totals

The Boston Red Sox might be the defending World Series champions, but they aren’t expected to finish the 2014 regular season with the most wins.

Early Thursday, the Atlantis sportsbook in Reno, Nev., released MLB season win totals, and Boston’s is listed at 87.5—five games behind the Los Angeles Dodgers, who opened with the highest total at 92.5. The Detroit Tigers opened at 91.5, while the St. Louis Cardinals and Washington Nationals are each at 90.5.

“The Dodgers were a very difficult team for me to pick a win total on,” said Steve Mikkelson, sportsbook director at Atlantis. “I think they might win 98 games this season. It’s a team that has so much depth, seven starters, deep bullpen and outfield. I don’t even like Don Mattingly as a manager, but I think the Dodgers are going to win despite him.”

The lowest total belongs to the Houston Astros at 57.5, two games shy of last year, when Atlantis opened them at 59.5. For the second straight year, Houston is the only team in the league with a win total of less than 60. The Twins and rebuilding Cubs are the next lowest at 65.5.

This season marked the eighth straight year that Atlantis was first to release MLB win totals.

“I will tell you, for the first time ever, we actually lost money last season on our win totals,” Mikkelson said. “We got middled on four or five teams. That hasn’t happened in the past.”

All of the win totals are listed below, courtesy of Atlantis.

* * *

Major League Baseball Season Win Totals
(Courtesy Atlantis Casino in Reno)

Los Angeles Dodgers 92.5
Detroit Tigers 91.5
St. Louis Cardinals 90.5
Washington Nationals 90.5
Tampa Bay Rays 88.5
Boston Red Sox 87.5
Cincinnati Reds 87.5 (-115u)
Atlanta Braves 86.5
Oakland Athletics 86.5
San Francisco Giants 86.5
Texas Rangers 86.5
Kansas City Royals 85.5
Pittsburgh Pirates 85.5 (-115u)
Los Angeles Angels 84.5
New York Yankees 83.5
Cleveland Indians 82.5 (-115u)
Seattle Mariners 81.5
Arizona Diamondbacks 81
Baltimore Orioles 80.5
Milwaukee Brewers 78.5 (-115u)
Philadelphia Phillies 78
Toronto Blue Jays 77.5
Chicago White Sox 76.5 (-115u)
Colorado Rockies 76.5
San Diego Padres 76.5
New York Mets 71.5
Miami Marlins 66.5
Chicago Cubs 65.5
Minnesota Twins 65.5 (-115u)
Houston Astros 57.5