Sneak Peek: Golden Nugget to release point spreads on 200 college football games in June

For the eighth straight year, the Golden Nugget sportsbook will post the first college football points spreads in Vegas.

The Nugget will release lines on 200 games,  Friday, June 13, in an event that has become widely popular for football-thirsty fans.

On Monday, head oddsmaker Aaron Kessler sent out the games he selected to use this year. Limits are $1,000, and no parlays.

Golden Nugget Games of the Year

(h/t @AaronKessler)

Thursday, Aug. 28

Texas A&M at South Carolina

Boise State vs. Mississippi (in Atlanta)

Friday, Aug. 29

UNLV at Arizona

BYU at UConn

Saturday, Aug. 30

Arkansas at Auburn

Colorado State at Colorado (in Denver)

Clemson at Georgia

California at Northwestern

UCLA at Virginia

Ohio State at Navy

Penn State at Central Florida (Dublin, Ireland)

West Virginia at Alabama (Atlanta)

Florida State vs. Oklahoma State (Arlington)

LSU vs. Wisconsin (Houston)

Monday, Sept. 1

Miami, Fla. at Louisville

 Friday, Sept. 5

Pittsburgh at Boston College

Saturday, Sept. 6

USC at Stanford

San Diego State at North Carolina

BYU at Texas

Michigan State at Oregon

Michigan at Notre Dame

Virginia Tech at Ohio State

Colorado State at Boise State

Saturday, Sept. 14

Boise State at UConn

USC at Boston College

Tennessee at Oklahoma

UCLA at Texas (Arlington, Texas)

Louisville at Virginia

Nebraska at Fresno State

Iowa State at Iowa

Georgia at South Carolina

Purdue vs. Notre Dame (Indianapolis)

Thursday, Sept. 18

Auburn at Kansas State

Saturday, Sept 20

Clemson at Florida State

Mississippi State at LSU

San Diego State at Oregon State

Virginia at BYU

Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech

Oregon at Washington State

Oklahoma at West Virginia

Florida at Alabama

Miami, Fla. at Nebraska

Thursday, Sept. 25

UCLA at Arizona State

Texas Tech at Oklahoma State

Saturday, Sept. 27

Oregon State at USC

Tennessee at Georgia

Minnesota at Michigan

Florida State at North Carolina State

Notre Dame vs. Syracuse (East Rutherford, N.J.)

Cincinnati at Ohio State

North Carolina at Clemson

Saturday, Sept. 27

Arkansas vs. Texas A&M (Arlington)


Missouri at South Carolina

Thursday, Oct. 2

Arizona at Oregon

Saturday, Oct. 4

Louisville at Syracuse

LSU at Auburn

Arizona State at USC

Miami, Fla. at Georgia Tech

Vanderbilt at Georgia

Wisconsin at Northwestern

Alabama at Mississippi

Virginia Tech at North Carolina

North Carolina State at Clemson

Baylor at Texas

Texas A&M at Mississippi State

Texas Tech at Kansas State

Boise State at Nevada

Oklahoma at TCU

Florida at Tennessee

Stanford at Notre Dame

Nebraska at Michigan State

Saturday, Oct. 11

Alabama at Arkansas

USC at Arizona

Oregon at UCLA

LSU at Florida

Georgia at Missouri

Florida State at Syracuse

Texas vs. Oklahoma (Dallas, Texas)

Louisville at Clemson

Mississippi at Texas A&M

Auburn at Mississippi State

Cincinnati at Miami, Fla.

West Virginia at Texas Tech

North Carolina at Notre Dame

Penn State at Michigan

Thursday, Oct. 16

Virginia Tech at Pittsburgh

Fresno State at Boise State

Saturday, Oct. 18

Georgia at Arkansas

Stanford at Arizona State

UCLA at California

Notre Dame at Florida State

Missouri at Florida

Nebraska at Northwestern

Clemson at Boston College

Tennessee at Mississippi

Kansas State at Oklahoma

Baylor at West Virginia

Texas A&M at Alabama

Washington at Oregon

Thursday, Oct. 23

Miami, Fla. at Virginia Tech

Friday, Oct. 24

Oregon at California

South Florida at Cincinnati

BYU at Boise State

Saturday, Oct. 25

South Carolina at Auburn

Oregon State at Stanford

Mississippi at LSU

Michigan at Michigan State

West Virginia at Oklahoma State

USC at Utah

North Carolina at Virginia

Arizona State at Washington

Texas at Kansas State

Alabama at Tennessee

Ohio State at Penn State

Thursday, Oct. 30

Florida State at Louisville

Saturday, Nov. 1

Arizona at UCLA

Florida vs. Georgia (Jacksonville, Fla.)

Oklahoma at Iowa State

Auburn at Mississippi

Boston College at Virginia Tech

Oklahoma State at Kansas State

North Carolina at Miami, Fla.

Notre Dame at Navy

Stanford at Oregon

Tennessee at South Carolina

Texas at Texas Tech

Thursday, Nov. 6

Clemson at Wake Forest

Saturday, Nov. 8

Texas A&M at Auburn

Notre Dame at Arizona State

Michigan at Northwestern

Alabama at LSU

Louisville at Boston College

Ohio State at Michigan State

Iowa at Minnesota

Baylor at Oklahoma

Florida at Vanderbilt

West Virginia at Texas

Oregon at Utah

UCLA at Washington

Kansas State at TCU

Thursday, Nov. 13

California at USC

Saturday, Nov. 15

LSU at Arkansas

Washington at Arizona

Utah at Stanford

South Carolina at Florida

Clemson at Georgia Tech

Auburn at Georgia

San Diego State at Boise State

Pittsburgh at North Carolina

Texas at Oklahoma State

Arizona State at Oregon State

Missouri at Texas A&M

Nebraska at Wisconsin

Florida State at Miami, Fla.

Oklahoma at Texas Tech

Northwestern at Notre Dame

Thursday, Nov. 20

Kansas State at West Virginia

North Carolina at Duke

Saturday, Nov. 22

Mississippi at Arkansas

Stanford at California


Cincinnati at UConn

Oklahoma State at Baylor

Arizona at Utah

Miami, Fla. at Virginia

Oregon State at Washington

Wisconsin at Iowa

Missouri at Tennessee

Louisville at Notre Dame

Thursday, Nov. 27

LSU at Texas A&M

TCU at Texas

Friday, Nov. 28

Arizona State at Arizona

Stanford at UCLA

Central Florida at South Florida

Virginia at Virginia Tech

Nebraska at Iowa

Saturday, Nov. 29

BYU at California

Notre Dame at USC

Florida State at Florida

Georgia Tech at Georgia

West Virginia at Iowa State

Illinois at Northwestern

Kentucky at Louisville

Arkansas at Missouri

North Carolina State at North Carolina

Michigan at Ohio State

Oregon at Oregon State

South Carolina at Clemson

Tennessee at Vanderbilt

Washington at Washington State

Minnesota at Wisconsin

Auburn at Alabama

Kansas at Kansas State

Pittsburgh at Miami, Fla.

Nevada at UNLV

Baylor at Texas Tech

Saturday, Dec. 6

Oklahoma State at Oklahoma

Kansas State at Baylor

Saturday, Dec. 13

Navy vs. Army (Philadelphia)