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Missing handicapper found dead near trail; EPL agrees with NBA, MLB on legal plan

Sports betting handicapper David Malinsky was found dead near a Mount Charleston trail outside of Las Vegas.

A longtime Las Vegas sports handicapper and writer was found dead Friday at Mount Charleston after a weeklong search.

The body of David Malinsky, 57, was discovered Friday afternoon near Mummy Spring, those who knew him confirmed.

Metropolitan Police Department’s search and rescue team, Red Rock Search and Rescue and many volunteers spent hours searching for Malinsky since he went missing April 14.

A close friend, Ted Sevransky of Las Vegas, said Malinsky slipped and fell to his death.

Malinsky was a fixture in the sports betting scene in Las Vegas and was known for his insight into betting.

“He was exemplary in everything that he did,” Sevransky, also a longtime handicapper, said, adding that Malinsky was a mentor to many.


A thread on our forum was started to discuss memories of Malinsky.

A spokesperson for the English Premier League said his organization agrees with the plan that the NBA and MLB have proposed for legalized sports betting in the United States.

Attorneys for the NBA and MLB are asking that sports betting operators be required to use official league data, share customer data, pay a percentage fee of the amount wagered on the sports and allow the leagues to have input on what types of bets sportsbooks are allowed to offer. The EPL supports that framework and believes a partnership between sports leagues and bookmakers would best serve the betting market.

“Broadly, we don’t think what the leagues are asking for is fundamentally wrong, if you’re trying to come up with a framework that works for both parties,” said Adrian Ford, general manager of Football DataCo, the official rights holder for the Premier League and all professional soccer leagues in England and Scotland.

Since its inception in 1992, the EPL has operated alongside the United Kingdom’s legal sports betting market, benefiting financially through data licensing rights, but not through a direct cut of the betting action. Individual clubs are free to have sponsorship agreements with bookmakers. Online sportsbook Bet365 owns Stoke City, and nine clubs have the names of betting sites across the front of their jerseys this season.

“We would not see why there would be an issue about sports getting a return from betting,” Ford told ESPN in a phone interview this week. “We’d echo some of the high-level statements the NBA has made. If someone is making money off us, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be interested in that and why we shouldn’t have some level of involvement in the commercial return. It’s clearly not what we have here [in the United Kingdom].”

According to league sources, the NBA and MLB are looking to divest their shares of daily fantasy sports operators DraftKings and FanDuel.

“This space is evolving and we saw the need to take a fresh look at the structure of our relationship,” NBA spokesman Mike Bass said. “FanDuel has been, and will remain, a great partner. We have simply modified some of the components of our partnership.”

In a statement to ESPN, MLB said, “While we have initiated discussions regarding potential changes to the structure of our relationship, we look forward to continuing our valued partnership with DraftKings. MLB and DraftKings will continue to collaborate on innovative approaches to enhance the fan experience.”

A FanDuel spokesperson said, “FanDuel and the NBA will remain close commercial partners.”

NBA commissioner Adam Silver spoke about the benefits of a legal and regulated sports betting market.

The Miami Marlins earned the biggest upset in baseball since 2007 with an 8-6 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Plenty of bettors were willing to lay the heavy price to back Kershaw. The game attracted more bets than any other game at MGM sportsbooks. At William Hill’s Nevada sportsbooks, 90 percent of the money wagered was on the Dodgers, including a $1,500 bet that would have netted around a $400 profit. The largest bet on the Marlins was $125, which netted $512.

Odds on the Marlins-Dodgers game varied from book to book, but the consensus closing price on the Dodgers was -400, meaning bettors had to put up $400 for a chance to win $100. The Marlins were listed as +320 underdogs at most books.

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