Introducing BiggerBonus, BettingTalk’s new site that pays you to play daily fantasy sports

Here at BettingTalk, our most primary goal is to provide a community where people can discuss sports betting from a +EV perspective and learn from each other. However, for awhile now we’ve thought, “Why limit that to sports betting?”

The daily fantasy sports industry has exploded over the past few years, but it’s our belief that it will only continue to grow, and with that growth should come more +EV opportunities. Last fall, in a discussion on this forum, the biggest hurdle people foresaw in making a lot of money playing daily fantasy was getting enough volume every day to overcome the rake. More specifically, volume against non-elite competition.

But that should change as daily fantasy becomes more mainstream, and every indication is that it will. You’ve probably seen the biggest sites spending lots of money in advertising at places like ESPN to get their brand — and the daily fantasy industry in general — more awareness.

User baseRunner summed it up quite nicely: “To get a larger volume in play, you generally have to play lots of heads-up matches. And, if you are interested in playing higher limits, it’s tougher to find enough mediocre opponents to make those worth your while. However, there’s likely to be a large influx of casual players over the next few years, so if you hone your strategy now, it might pay off in spades in the future.”


BiggerBonus is a sister site that will provide the best bonuses possible to the top daily fantasy sites in the industry. If you’re interested in opening accounts at daily fantasy sites, there is no better place to start than BiggerBonus, where we’ll give you $25 on top of each site’s already biggest bonus available. It’s our gift, and we give it by sharing our affiliate revenue with YOU, the user, so that you can enter more contests and become more acquainted with the daily fantasy industry.

It is also our intention to provide more daily fantasy content on BettingTalk. Although we must admit, while there are many similarities between sports betting and daily fantasy (things like bankroll management, discipline, attention to detail, and many others), our experience is much, much more in sports betting, so we’ll be looking to you for help.

Consider this a team effort. Are you familiar with the ins and outs of any of these specific sites? Have you dabbled in daily fantasy sports and had successes or failures that you’d like to share? Do you have an idea for +EV approaches to daily fantasy? Please, share them, either on our new daily fantasy forum or by contributing with a guest post.

**Side note: If you consider yourself to be an expert in daily fantasy and are interested in writing content or contributing on the forum, please email us at We’d love to hear from you. (And, if it’s a good fit, we can even discuss compensating you for your efforts somewhere down the line.)