Betting Talk

Is this site done?

Can't see any recent discussions on college hoops. Thx.



  • StackAttackStackAttack Senior Member

    yes its done. I respect (and have worked for) Ed. The fact his company is still attached to this site is, unfortunate.

    i know no one cares about my NFL or PGA picks threads but I kept records and did what the "Direction of BettingTalk" was all about.

    Anyone have any suggestions where else I could post ? done with this place.

  • RonbetsRonbets Senior Member

    Your record keeping and honesty should be applauded. Hang in there a little while. I'll try to stir up some shit and get this place going.....atleast a little bit.

  • trofoostrofoos Junior Member

    Yes, it's done. I respect this company, but maybe anyone have any suggestions where else I could post my question and get the answer? This brand lets you place unusual bets on weather, politics, and TV shows, and also provides 350+ extra bets on top events. So, the question is. Is this place really so good as they write? Do you have any experience? Thnx

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