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Where did everyone go?

Been a minute for sure, but seeing very few posts these days. Where are all the old timers? I see like 4 guys still posting. Kinda sad really. Anyone seen fishboom or okie lately??


  • StackAttackStackAttack Senior Member

    everyone is on Slack now - tried it for a few months but there was a lot of political nonsense on there.

    no one even moderates this board anymore. definitely sad .

  • TommyLTommyL Super Moderator

    Wishing those that are still hanging around a good New Year!

  • rmbullisrmbullis Senior Member

    Thanks for the responses gentlemen. Glad to see some folks still around!! Happy New Year!!

  • rmbullisrmbullis Senior Member

    Any takes on the CFP games today?

  • StackAttackStackAttack Senior Member

    I took Michigan +8 . Disclaimer : im only a casual CFB capper these days, used to be really into it.

  • trofoostrofoos Junior Member

    need more wins

  • trofoostrofoos Junior Member

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  • lentellentel Senior Member

    i think too many rules drove people away.. this used to be very active

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