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GatorDave 2021 NCAAF

Ok Fellas......Almost feel like GatorDave 2.0 is about to make a season debut. Nothing like starting off the year with a win.

Hawaii +18 .... UCLA

Does UCLA have the offense to cover this spread? Does UCLA have the defense to stop the run? Hawaii is probably going to run some more. Time will be issue to cover 18.

UCLA 30 .... Hawaii 21

Take the points, then take that cash!



  • bobbyputnambobbyputnam Senior Member

    Have a big year Gator

  • gatordave95gatordave95 Senior Member

    Ok Fellas.............Don't know about you, but I had no issues waking up today. I have my bottle of Crown and I'm ready to go! What about you? 0-1 -110

    Today's Winners:

    168 Arkansas -19.5 Much respect to Rice but this game is won due to depth. Arkansas has it and Rice doesn't.

    Arkansas 44 ... Rice 17

    179 Alabama -19.5 .... Miami Alabama's offense might be the best in the nation. Miami is in BIG trouble today.

    Alabama 46 .... UM 21

    203 FAU +23.5 That's right....I'm betting against my Gators. A lot of voids to fill from last year. I'm excited to our running game. Can our defense hold a team under 30? Too many questions to lay 23.5.

    FLORIDA 38 ... FAU 17

    214 UCLA +2.5 That is a long way for LSU to travel. I know that Hawaii is no LSU but I must admit, I was impressed with UCLA's offense. I see an upset.

    UCLA 33 ... LSU 29

    205 Clemson -3 Is it because I hate Georgia? YES!

    Clemson 30 .... Georgia 16

    162 Kentucky -31 Can you statement game? Seems Kentucky's red hair is now a beautiful shade of Auburn.

    Kentucky 50 .... ULM 7


  • StackAttackStackAttack Senior Member

    G Luck this yr Gator

  • gatordave95gatordave95 Senior Member

    Ok Fellas........................Good luck to you guys as well. Your luck paid off as we hit big yesterday. Let's keep the W's coming with tonight's game. 5-2 +280

    Tonight's winner:

    223 Notre Dame -7 ... I know FSU will come out fired up. Might even try to start a fight at the 50. Tonight will be dedicated to Bobby Bowden. If you ask me, tonight is going to be to much for the minds of the FSU football team to handle. Can you say overloaded? This team will be fired mentally and won't be able to focus all 4 qtrs.

    ND 37 .... FSU 20


  • gatordave95gatordave95 Senior Member

    Ok Fellas......................No better feeling then ending week one with a win. 5 - 3 +170

    Tonight's winner:

    Louisville +9 .... Louisville has the better defense and the better QB and I'm getting 9.

    Ole Miss 37 .... Louisville 33


  • gatordave95gatordave95 Senior Member

    Ok Fellas..............................Closed out week 1 on the winning side. Even through it wasn't much, I'm not complaining. Back to the grind. 5 - 4 +0.60

    Tonight's winners:

    301 Kansas +26.5

    303 UTEP +25.5

    Take the points and then take that cash!


  • gatordave95gatordave95 Senior Member

    OK Fellas.......................................What a rough night. Time to shake it off as we get ready for an exciting day. May your team win today unless your team is USF. 5-6 -1.60

    Today's winner:

    310 Ohio ST -14.5

    313 FLORIDA -28.5

    315 PITT -3

    318 ECU +2.5

    344 GEORGIA -23.5

    358 MIAMI -8.5

    361 NC STATE -1

    372 ARKANSAS +7

    373 MIZZOU +5

    377 WASHINGTON +7


  • gatordave95gatordave95 Senior Member

    Ok Fellas..................................Almost threw up in my mouth last week. The taste was so bad. 9-12 -4.2 😓

    Tonight's winner:

    103 OHIO +19.5 From what I have seen, the Rajon Cajons don't seem to be raging anymore.

    LL 37 ... OHIO 21


  • gatordave95gatordave95 Senior Member

    Ok Fellas............I have nothing to say. 😕 9-13 -5.3

    Tonight's miracle:

    108 Illinois +7 On average, late game betters, usually bet the favorite and the over. Here's to going against the torrent. ML +230 🙈🙉🙊

    Illiniois 26 ... Maryland 24


  • gatordave95gatordave95 Senior Member
    edited September 18

    Ok Fellas.........................Holy Shit you know that I am fired up today. Swamp will be rock'n today. You know why an elephant nose is so long? 10-13 -4.3

    Today's Dirty Dozen winners:

    109 Mich St +7 Miami just can't hang with a fundamentally sound team.

    125 Nebraska +23 Too many points in a big rival.

    128 Indiana +3.5 Indiana can move the ball.

    130 Texas A&M -30 Can you say shut out?

    137 Purdue +7.5 N.D. is in for a rude awakening today. Purdue ML???

    144 FLORIDA +15 3:30 today fellas you will see a show today. Does UF win? NO, but we keep it closer than 15.

    159 Georgia Southen +23.5 $$$ in the bank. Arkansas's head is in the clouds.

    182 Penn St -5 Not sure if Auburn scores a TD today.

    185 Virginia +8.5 UNC hype at the start of the season wasn't true.

    195 Tulane +14.5 Tulane can hang with the best of them.

    203 Frenso St +11 If you are brave enough to play in Fresno, then LA is a walk in the park.

    932 USF -22.5 USF is on a different level when it comes to FL A&M. This will be covered by the half.


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