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MyBookie not paying

cpech56cpech56 Senior Member

Been using MyBookie for a number of years now and never had an issue with payouts. Until the last two weeks.. they keep sending bs excuses about programming issues etc. They advertise Bitcoin withdrawals in 48 hours or less and it’s been two weeks tomorrow.

They also seem to have adjusted their max from per week to only 5k.

Anyone else having issues? Any suggestions on what to do next?


  • phillygeoffphillygeoff Senior Member

    The website has been REALLY slow and clunky for a couple months now. That sucks about the payouts

  • cpech56cpech56 Senior Member

    Guess I’m not alone as I am looking at their Twitter. Bullshit a site like this can get around paying folks.

  • RonbetsRonbets Senior Member

    With the proliferation of legal stateside sportsbooks, beware of the 2nd tier offshore shops. I'm noticing small hints of under capitalization. IOW some working on a shoe string.

  • RonbetsRonbets Senior Member

    Well what's the end gate? Don't leave the sparse crowd hanging.

  • stevebodnarstevebodnar Senior Member

    Ever get this payout?

  • trofoostrofoos Junior Member
    edited May 2022

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