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Trump Pardons Billy Walters

RonbetsRonbets Senior Member

Nice departing gesture. Maybe it's a payback for his golf losses.

side note: Billy watch you back. The feds are a vindictive bunch as you know.


  • rookrook Senior Member
    edited January 20

    Are they good friends or maybe this was a “pay-to-play” pardon? Also, I have a vague recollection that Walters’ sentence was getting toward the end by now, no?

  • RonbetsRonbets Senior Member

    They let him out of prison due to Covid safety. He served 2.5 years. The remainder of his 5 year sentence was to be served under house arrest at his residence in SDiego. "Standup guy" Lefty Mickelson should've served along side him.

  • R40R40 Senior Member

    They hired someone in good with Trump to pitch to Trump. If you are in good a little crime goes with the territory.

  • rookrook Senior Member

    I don’t really know anything about Walters except a book I read called “The Smart Money” which reportedly starred Walters without actually naming him. He doesn’t really seem like the kind of guy who would write a book himself, which is kind of a shame because once he’s gone, all that knowledge he has is gone as well (not counting his closest associates).

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