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nba 20-21

jets96jets96 Senior Member

503 nyk -2 ....this team plays hard every night, this is a winnable game ...i dont know how the cavs feel about not playing to the middle of next week.

my line nyk -5.01


  • rookrook Senior Member

    “Jarrett Allen, Taurean Prince unlikely to make Cavs debut Friday.” — Fantasy Labs NBA ...good hunting this season jets96!!

  • jets96jets96 Senior Member

    that game killed me....what a sloppy mess at the end...of course i didnt watch but reading the plays in the last couple of minutes killed my bet, T.O after T.O ...and they say the knicks coach is a beast.

    Just lying low banging out bets in my man two college hoops games today ...miss st +1 and Idaho +9

    Rook what have you been doing ...hope everyone is safe , new world ,thank god for sports or id be a nut case.

  • rookrook Senior Member

    I’m thinking about making a football bet today. Every year the Rams always find a way to fall short and I think today is their big day for falling short this season. I was thinking why not put all those disappointments to good use and make some money out of them? Can GB win at -6.5?

    So far I’m holding up, but going a bit stir crazy. Waiting for the vaccine in a few months and then I’ll go to Vegas or just somewhere besides where I am now.

  • jets96jets96 Senior Member

    crazy shit man , crazy shit....i love gb and their number 1 dee.....i love the fact that green bay is better in the redzone on both sides of the ball....i did take balt +3 and bought the hook and took gb -6 which is what my local had and teased balt and gb....split up my money

  • rookrook Senior Member
    edited January 16

    Thanks jets96. It’s hard for me to believe the Rams will be able to function well in the cold, though they say there’s not going to be any crazy wind or precipitation. But do you know how that works time-wise? For instance, does the cold hit a west coast team hard at first and then they get used to it, or does the cold just kind wear a west coast team down as the game drags on?

  • rookrook Senior Member

    Whoops, never mind jets96...I put 2 units down on Gb money line -345...

  • rookrook Senior Member


  • jets96jets96 Senior Member

    well the market went from 6.5 to 7 and 7.5 thats a crazy big move on gb ...hope they are right

    am not so sure the cold will effect them at all , not a big believer in that ,those kids have been playing in the cold their whole lives... the big east tournament was going on one year,and as you know if they wanted to continue to the final they had to play 4 games in 4 days....i made a killing on those type of games, these kids have been playing basketball every single day their whole lives ....i doubt they were all that fatigued.


  • rookrook Senior Member

    They were right, you were right, and even I was (a little bit) right.

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