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Cleat Street

I see that GabrielBlare mentioned Cleat Street, which appears to be a legit (?), no BS service...? No charge? Are there other such types of web sites out there? Non-scammers who are credible pros?


  • R40R40 Senior Member

    There's plenty of money for us to take from sportsbooks, and we believe it's a conflict of interest for us to sell picks.

    I don't know what Cleat Street is but there is nobody giving out picks for free with a web site that does not have the intention of charging or some angle.

    Pros don't give out picks. There may be some that toss something out on twitter from time to time.

    You are better off with a forum poster or "pros" giving out freebies here and there.

    If someone is trying to make a name for themselves, you might find something.

    Learn how to bet a number, you will be far better off

  • sosoangrysosoangry Senior Member

    I know how, been doing for 20+ years. I'm just curious re web sites. No harm. But agree, one must learn how to come up with your own picks.

  • R40R40 Senior Member

    Don't know of any but I am sure there is a lot of stuff on gambling Twitter. I don't follow much on Twitter so don't pick up on that sort of thing.

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