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Site Format

What happened to the site format?

Not showing latest posts?

Is it me or is this messed up?.?


  • BuckyBadgerBuckyBadger Senior Member

    It's not you

  • R40R40 Senior Member

    Have you tried SlackChat?

  • BuckyBadgerBuckyBadger Senior Member

    I am a techno-trogolodyte. Is slackchat a phone app? Can I access it thru my PC and email? I went to the site and I just ended up confused (which doesn't take a lot) I don't have a "smart" phone and only use my old flip-phone as an emergency tool When we go, out or if I need to communicate via cell phone we use my wife's Iphone.

  • R40R40 Senior Member

    No, you go and ask for an invitation and then they invite you and then you set up access and then you can read and post about politics and COVID 19 and even some gambling.

  • StackAttackStackAttack Senior Member

    How many awesome Q "facts" are being thrown around? I bet some.

  • R40R40 Senior Member

    No, it is mostly pretty high level. The Trumpers try to stick to mainstream conservative thought. I think there was one notorious forum poster that got haywire in there and Ed kicked him out.

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