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R40R40 Senior Member

Been in the SlackChat a little. My impressions are that it sucks.

Sure it is cool that it is real time but not any more real time than the forum. You can check it once per week just like the forum.

The only reason it is mor popular is that it has more topics of discussion.

Except for the fact that Ed is releasing plays in there and it is clever for that.


  • jets96jets96 Senior Member


  • R40R40 Senior Member

    You've got about 10 guys in there and as you would expect they are posting about COVID 19 and Trump. Their opinions are a little more high brow but basically the same stuff.

    Everything goes away after a week.

    You've got some out of the cool crowd that don't get responded to

    Ed is trying to get people to post picks with write ups but the cool kids don't post picks.

  • StackAttackStackAttack Senior Member

    nothing makes me wanna join a sports betting "forum" or whatever they call Slack, then hearing rampant virus and orange guy talk is taking place !

    Im sure its very spirited and full of facts!

  • R40R40 Senior Member

    It's not bad actually. It is worth checking out. Not a lot going on though

    It is a smarter crowd. The politics stuff is in its own segment. If you had a Politics section here, this place would be happening.

    The real problem is you can't see anything older than a week and it is a terrible place for pick posting.

    What it is really great for is a RAS demo which is why this place is dead and ain't coming back.

  • R40R40 Senior Member

    Another problem is that anything older than a day is completely dead.

  • R40R40 Senior Member

    The politics section on SlackChat is so popular even Ed was in there

  • originalokieoriginalokie Senior Member

    I will not use

    Why not fix betting talk

  • R40R40 Senior Member

    You can't demo RAS on Betting Talk.

    Betting Talk is for the squares that like picks.

    SlackChat is for the modelers and sophisticated gamblers that might buy RAS.

    We just have to get some guys posting picks with write-ups.

  • StackAttackStackAttack Senior Member

    I will continue to post picks here until they shut it down, which seems inevitable and thats a shame.

    The place that has had "Direction of BettingTalk" pinned at the top of the forum for YEARS now...has given up even trying to act like they care about "the rules". Same rules that were enforced (and rightfully so) harshly, for years.

    So much for caring about making this forum the gold standard of sports wagering forums.

  • R40R40 Senior Member

    He is not going to close it down for a while. It still has a ton of value as evidenced by danshan making more from it than Ed.

    Ed is looking to cash in big on the USA gambling thing. He is not closing any doors but we are focusing on SlackChat going forward.

  • R40R40 Senior Member

    Checked in after 12 days and still nothing. It is too Twittery.

  • R40R40 Senior Member

    Another 12-day update..

    Politics still running strong although mostly anti-Trump which will limit the appeal of Slack

    Covid still strong

    Gambling weak

    No picks except for Ed on Holy Cross yesterday +15.

  • StackAttackStackAttack Senior Member

    why would it limit the appeal exactly ?

  • R40R40 Senior Member

    Average gamblers are madly in love with Trump.

  • StackAttackStackAttack Senior Member

    seems like a weird generalization

    are below avg gamblers different? or above avg ?

  • R40R40 Senior Member

    Yes, the same. Largely depends on race and gender.

    Roughly 85% of middle aged white gamblers range from agape love to latent homosexuality.

    It also runs in winning gamblers but to a lesser degree.

  • trofoostrofoos Junior Member

    Been in the SlackChat a little. Sure it is cool for those who like to get the answer right now, in real time. But you can also check it once a week and find some answers. But as for me i can`t find anything about them, so, if you can advice me anything, please, feel free for that. The only reason why it is so popular among new users, is that it has more topics of discussion, except sports betting, so we need to start it too.

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