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GD: Morning...Noon...&Night! NCAAF

Ok Fellas.............Going to give you one for the morning, afternoon, and night. Here is to starting off 3 for 3.

120 Pittsburgh -21

109 Central Florida -7.5

115 Miami ML +120



  • gatordave95gatordave95 Senior Member
    edited September 26

    Ok Fellas.............In my eyes....College football really starts today. Are you ready? I am!

    Morning: 419 Florida -13.5 Not sure if Lane can pull a rabbit out of his hat today. Not against this Florida team. I can't wait to watch our defense today. Pound it. UF 42 ... Ole Miss 16

    437 Kentucky +7 Wrong team getting the points. You might want to look at the money line (+220) on this one. Kentucky has a great QB and a solid defense. Kentucky 24 Auburn 23

    Noon: 434 LSU -16.5 Today's game is just an example of recruiting. LSU recruits! Average Joe will say that LSU has lost all their players and you can't argue that! LSU doesn't rebuild, they reload. Big game for me today. LSU 39 ... Miss ST 16

    425 Georgia -28 Georgia has a defense and Arkansas doesn't. I'm not sure if Arkansas scores in this game. UGA 35 ... ARK 0

    Night: 411 Alabama -28.5 Missouri has been greatly affected by Covid. Alabama rolls in this one and they role big due to the fact that they are solid on both sides of the ball. Alabama 47 ... Missouri 13

    395 FSU +11 Why not take the points in a rivalry game? Especially this one. UM 23 ... FSU 21


  • gatordave95gatordave95 Senior Member

    Ok Fellas..................................You have one hour to get your action in.

    Tonight's Winner:

    103 Louisiana Tech +24

    Joe remembers Navy game and thinks BYU is king. Talent stock in Louisiana is 10 fold in Utah.

    BYU 44 ... LTech 23


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