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5 Dimes

Looks like they are throwing us American customers out--- must withdraw your funds by Sept 21. Any suggestions for another book besides Bookmaker?


  • I've been very happy with Betonline . I will miss the "Reduced Juice" of 5dimes though.

  • danshandanshan Senior Member

    I hate betonline and would not give them a penny

    all the shit talking they do about the US on twitter, they can go screw themselves.

    only I can pick on my little brother anyone else can get the frick out!

  • danshandanshan Senior Member

    heritage is awesome

    fairlay is awesome

  • StackAttackStackAttack Senior Member

    I've never had a prob w/ Heritage

  • BetThemDogsBetThemDogs Senior Member

    Thanks guys-- Heritage it is.

  • danshan, I have to ask about your logic. Isn't taking their money the best revenge? The reason that I like them is that I've had a few bets where there was a gray area (game shortened, season shortened on season bets). Other books would have screwed the customer. In every case, Betonline paid me. Other than that, as long as they pay, they are all the same. They also put out the first lines in CFB and CBB (albeit with $250 limits).

  • They have lots of rules for taking the money out........they told me a transfer to Bookmaker was not possible

  • Love all the rules and if the money isn’t out by a specific time, it is considered abandoned.

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