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want happened to this site

kramerkramer Senior Member

want happened


  • StackAttackStackAttack Senior Member

    new software or something. will look normal again soon.

  • GoatsGoats Head Moderator

    Read the post stickied at the top of the forum.

  • originalokieoriginalokie Senior Member

    Do not care for new site at all

    My feelings

  • BuckyBadgerBuckyBadger Senior Member

    I agree, but I imagine we'll get used to it

  • StackAttackStackAttack Senior Member

    I really really hope this isn't how the board will be set up going forward. The whole interface is 10x worse than the last version. I had no issue with the old layout. Hell, the version before the previous one is better than this.

    Let the record show. I have never complained about anything on here !

  • BuckyBadgerBuckyBadger Senior Member

    While I said earlier that we'd get use to it, I agree that it is not user friendly. 1) no back to the top button 2) Clicking on the back arrow in any thread takes you away from the site 3) no like/thanks/dislike button. To thank a poster, you have to reply?quote which just clutters up the thread.

  • BuckyBadgerBuckyBadger Senior Member

    Plus, I don't see any edit capability, which means if you post a pick/stat/number/date incorrectly you have to make another post.

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