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How do you treat sex addiction-- El Tigre

IHMWFIHMWF Senior Member
edited February 2010 in Sports Betting
El Tigre was just released from a sex rehab program. Exactly how does one control their sex drive? Does the rehab center give its male patients saltpeter?

Shouldn't El Tigre be more horny and want to bang his wife even more?


  • calzonesayscalzonesays Senior Member
    edited February 2010
    i think our country just loves labeling people as addicts and trying to label everyone as something just to try to ostracize them. who are we to say whats "normal" and what isn't with most of this stuff?
  • beefcakebeefcake Senior Member
    edited February 2010
    On this note ,Im going to bang my Fiance after work tonight..
  • trofoostrofoos Junior Member

    Particularly men who have sexually active or even ones in a relationship could have some preferences. If we talk about porno and porn stars, I have the favorite. Now I am talking about hdpussy xxx. We have favorite entertainers because we like the entertainment those entertainers provide. No matter what aspects of filming we are talking about. 

  • RonbetsRonbets Senior Member


    Quit hawking the board and provide some sports info. Ok, atleast mention Trevor Bauer(1 of the best in mlb) and his aquittal on rough sex charges.

  • StackAttackStackAttack Senior Member

    wtf is happening

  • trofoostrofoos Junior Member

    We all can ave particular sexual preferences. No mater what you like. Sex is your health, more you have, better you feel. As for me I like casino games and betting This is my addiction. You don’t get addicted to video games any more than you get addicted to stamp collecting or driving, but you get awesome amotions.

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