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Anybody got feedback on Liberty vs Wings tonight?

rookrook Senior Member

Saw first half of opening day game Liberty vs Storm, and the Liberty were outplayed, but didn’t let go of the rope even though their three point shooting was atrocious, and after veteran Kia Nurse was injured. The Storm didn’t pull away until the 4th as far as I could see from the box score. Then I saw first half of Dream vs Wings, and though the Dream were no powerhouse, they steadily beat the Wings throughout the game.

Today the line for Wings vs Liberty sits at Liberty +5 at Bookmaker. Can some kind soul provide reasons why this might be?


  • rookrook Senior Member

    OK, I think I saw a few reasons after the game started...that doesn’t look like a healthy situation there for the Liberty. Their rookie sensation throws errant passes and takes tons of wild shots, and the people covering her blame the passes on her teammates not catching the ball skillfully enough, and blame the final score on her team mates not helping her enough...

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