Billy Walters releases statement regarding investigation involving Phil Mickelson

Las Vegas businessman and renowned sports bettor Billy Walters released the following statement regarding the reported FBI investigation into himself, golfer Phil Mickelson and billionaire investor Carl C. Icahn:

“I am innocent of doing anything wrong. It’s that simple.

Those who know me best, know that it is preposterous to think that I would involve myself in insider trading.

Yes, I have studied and invested in the stock market for many years and no one says anything when I lose money or when I am not successful. And certainly that’s happened, like it has to many of us.

But the bottom line here is, as I stated before, I’m not involved in any insider trading. I’ve never been involved in any insider trading.”

Walters, Mickelson and Icahn have not been accused of any wrong doing and no charges have been filed. Anonymous sources told the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and other media outlets that a two-year investigation had not produced any definitive evidence of insider trading. The sources also acknowledged that by releasing the story to the media they were hurting the investigation going forward.