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Betting roundup: DraftKings tweaks MLB rules

With Opening Day just a month away, DraftKings unveiled changes to its Major League Baseball contest rules Thursday, tightening the limitations on “stacking” and adding a utility position, among others.

Rosters will still be made up of 10 players, including two pitchers and eight hitters, but one roster spot has been changed from a dedicated outfield position to a utility hitter, which can be chosen from any position.

Users will also be limited to five hitters from a single MLB team, one less than previous restrictions, and rosters must include players from two different MLB games. The prior rule stipulated that rosters must include players from three separate MLB teams. The caught-stealing point deduction has also been eliminated.

DraftKings hasn’t commented since the rules were modified Thursday morning, but the changes were a response to player requests, according to a site representative.

Under the new rules, DraftKings MLB contests will more closely resemble those at industry co-leader FanDuel in some ways, but significant differences remain.

Stacking: DraftKings will allow five hitters from a single team; The FanDuel limit is four players (including a pitcher) from a single team.

Roster construction: DraftKings now requires players from two separate MLB games, while FanDuel requires players from three different MLB teams. FanDuel maintains a roster with one starting pitcher slot and eight traditional positions, while DraftKings has two pitcher spots, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, UT.

The sites also diverge quite a bit in scoring.

Scoring at DraftKings:

  • Hitters will accumulate points as follows:
    • Single = +3 PTs
    • Double = +5 PTs
    • Triple = +8 PTs
    • Home Run = +10 PTs
    • Run Batted In = +2 PTs
    • Run = +2 PTs
    • Base on Balls = +2 PTs
    • Hit By Pitch = +2 PTs
    • Stolen Base = +5 PTs
  • Pitchers will accumulate points as follows:
    • Inning Pitched = +2.25 PTs
    • Strike Out = +2 PTs
    • Win = +4 PTs
    • Earned Run Allowed = -2 PTs
    • Hit Against = -0.6 PTs
    • Base on Balls Against = -0.6 PTs
    • Hit Batsman = -0.6 PTs
    • Complete Game = +2.5 PTs
    • Complete Game Shut Out = +2.5 PTs
    • No Hitter = +5 PTs

Scoring at FanDuel:

Hitters Pitchers
1B = 1pt W = 4pts
2B = 2pts ER = -1pt
3B = 3pts SO = 1pt
HR = 4pts IP = 1pt*
RBI = 1pt
R = 1pt
BB = 1pt
SB = 2pts
HBP = 1pt
Out (calculated as at bats – hits) = -.25pt

* * *



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